Stage 4

Affecting Community Change

What does a workplace at this stage look like?

A workplace at this stage has strong leadership and staff ownership over the workplaces’ internal structures, policies and culture, which are supportive of gender equity and the prevention of violence against women.

A workplace at this stage will have developed a Gender Equality Action Plan and be making progress towards gender equality through implementing targeted actions and tracking progress over time.

This workplace is an active partner in the Regional Strategy, has created sustainable internal mechanisms such as investing in adequate resources, ongoing training and ensuring that staff and the leadership team can communicate their shared vision and commitment to maintain this work.

What does a workplace at this stage want?

A workplace at this stage might be interested in opportunities to mentor organisations in the Southern Metropolitan Region who are just starting their journey to becoming more gender responsive.

There will be a desire to set aspirational goals for the representation of women, and to lead gender equity initiatives outside their workplace and the Regional Strategy, which could include capacity building of new female employees, or developing pre-employment streams where the workplace can up-skill women for roles within the workplace.

If the workplace is engaged in procurement or commercial activities, there will be a desire to insert gender equitable conditions or requirements through these commercial partnerships, whether that be for the delivery of goods and services, or the development of facilities.

What opportunities are available for a workplace at this stage?

A workplace at this stage is only limited by their own drive and determination.

A workplace at this stage will be building upon their own evidence base of effective workplace initiatives that affect positive change, and will be looking to engage in creative initiatives to affect broader community change.

A workplace at this stage will be contributing to sharing and measuring their impact in the region. WHISE has been coordinating a project to collect and map the plethora of prevention of violence against women (PVAW) and gender equality (GE) work in our region. WHISE has taken this data and created a digital mapping tool.

WHISE is committed to coordinating, maintaining and updating this tool. For any queries in relation to this tool, please contact WHISE

Active participation in regional PVAW

A workplace at this stage is leading initiatives within the broader Regional Strategy and seeking out dynamic partnerships for innovative initiatives.

This initiative will extend to partnerships and initiatives outside of the regional partnerships, even to commercial or tendered contracts or relationships.

WHISE Resources

If a workplace wishes to expand their current practices, the WHISE team will be an invaluable resource to assist in the development of the idea, and connecting relevant people to be involved.

Mentorship Program

WHISE facilitates an organisation-to-organisation mentorship program which links organisations at different stages of their gender equity and prevention of violence against women journey, and provides an opportunity for peer support and learning on the practical implementation of specific initiatives identified by the mentees.

A workplace at this stage is encouraged to apply for the organisation-to-organisation mentorship program as a mentor, to assist an organisation who is just beginning this journey to achieve specific workplace goals.

To become a mentor organisation, please email WHISE the entire program is free of charge.


While this is the last step in our journey, this is only the beginning for workplaces seeking to affect broader community change.